Speckled Pig Photography

Speckled Pig Photography is a whimsical little boutique studio. Unlike large revolving door studios, we take the time to transform your portraits from snap shots to works of art!
Specializing in natural light photography lets us use the world as our backdrop.
We offer portraits from ultra edgy grunge to super dreamy enchanted.
Our portrait shoots are a laid back fun experience where you get to relax and let the camera capture the real you! All shoots are customized to bring out your individual personality. How crazy or original we get is up to you.
We have portrait packages ranging from 20 to 55 custom crafted images. Each package is loaded with gift prints for sharing with friends and family. Gift prints are totally mix-n-match letting you decide what fits your needs. And because we know you will love your portraits and want to share them with everyone you know we include promotional Webable images for sharing via multimedia devices!!! Boutique items are also available including albums, wall canvases, wall art, DVDs, cards, etc.
All portraits are retouched to make you gleam (at NO extra charge). Each and every portrait is custom crafted and truly a work of art. Our black and whites are known for their crisp contrasts. While our color portraits are saturated with vivid spectrums of warmth.
By choosing Speckled Pig Photography you are choosing to capture your memories in your own personal work of art.
You not only get the classic portraits fit for gift prints that can be shared with family and friends, but you get portrait art that can be part of your life for years to come.

Looking forward to capturing memories,

Jen Evans and Speckled Pig Photography!